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we need your help on getting Monkey's surgery. He is scheduled on Thursday, 9/19, to be neutered, have dental work, and have the mass on his hip removed and biopsied. The estimate is $505. However since the vet was not able to exam his mouth. We are expecting several teeth will be removed which are not included in the estimate. So we are expecting a total cost about $600 to get everything done. (He will also have the matted hair on his face trimmed while he is under anesthesia.)

Monkey was rescued from Morrow County Dog Shelter. He was an owner surrender. The reason for surrendering is "not able to care for him anymore." From the pictures, you can tell that Monkey has been neglected for a really long time. We have gotten him vaccinated. Thank goodness that the sore on top of his head is just a bad infection and is not cancerous. He is taking two kinds of antibiotics to treat the infection. That's why we have to wait till he finish the medicine to have the surgery done.

Monkey is definitely feeling better. He is showing his sweet personality. He is half way to his new life. Please help us to finish his healing process and find him a new and loving forever home and leave the sad history behind him.

We are asking you for your donations for Monkey's surgery. Any dollar matters. Our PayPay account is Or if you prefer, you can mail a check to Charlie's Wish Animal Rescue, 309 Gateshead Ct., Westerviille, OH 43081.

Donations are tax deductible since we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Thank you for your help!!!

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