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Charlie's Wish Animal Rescue


Butter was a stray that we rescued from the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center (the shelter). She was found in badly matted hair, barely be able to see and hear. Her front right leg was injured for unknown reason. The paw area was infected so badly that there were maggots in the wound. The shelter thought they had to amputate her whole leg. Luckily they only removed 2 toes from the paw. We had the vet visit on 9/16. We got the bandage replaced and will need to go back again on 9/20. She is spayed. Her teeth are in horrible shape and in need of a serious dental work. Ears have infections. We also found 2 big hard lumps on the right side of her neck and on the hip area deep under skin. We had needle biopsy done and will know the results in 5-7 days. Then we will hopefully be able to have the lumps removed. Bloodwork was done during the visit. We will know if she has any other problems from the result. The vet gave us an estimate for her dental work and the surgery and also we have paid $311 for her bloodwork and needle biopsy. With Monkey (the male shih tzu) having his surgery, dental work, and mass removal on Thursday, we really don't have any money left for Butter's vet bill and upcoming surgery.

This is Laura Cheng. I'm the director of Charlie's Wish Animal Rescue. I have been paying for our dogs' expenses out of my own pocket. However I really can't afford on upcoming vet expenses considering I have my own upcoming medical expenses of $6000 to pay.. My own dog also has a mass that will need to be removed very soon. I'm asking your help on helping Butter. I don't have any history about her. But from what I see, someone has been treated her badly and then dump her on the street to fend herself with poor vision and hearing (just like Kenny!) How do I know that she had an owner? She was spayed!

Please help us on helping Butter. She is a very sweet girl. She was quiet and let the vet does her work during the visit. She didn't show any resistance nor making any noises. How could someone treat her so badly? She doesn't deserve any of these!!

Please see her picture before shaving in comment . Also I included the payment that I have made and the estimate in the comment area too. Even the vet told me that she commend me for saving these dogs. There are rescues which only take in easy dogs (i.e. dogs in good health or puppies) or dogs that are already vaccinated and spayed/neutered. We are not this kind of rescue. We take in dogs that need our help!

Any dollar matters! Our Paypal account is charlieswishrescue@gmail.com. If you don't have a PayPal account or can't make a donation with a credit card, please send a check to Charlie's Wish Animal Rescue, 309 Gateshead Ct., Westerville, OH 43081.

Please help us to help Butter (and Monkey on another fund raiser.) Thank you in advance!!