Out of Harm's Way -- One Dog at a Time!

Charlie's Wish Animal Rescue

BamBam is a 15 years old female Chihuahua. She has level 4 heart murmur, captified disks on neck and back, no teeth, and an old injury on her front left leg.  Because of her old injury, she couldn't put weight on her front left leg. But that doesn't stop her walking around. Since she doesn't have teeth, she eats homemade dog food mixed with canned food. She slept with her foster mom without any adjustments! She loves to be held all the time. She growled at other dogs at first when they were on her face and smelled her. But now she is OK with all of them after they leave her alone.
BamBam is available for adoption as a special case.. We are not sure if she is spayed. For her age and safety, we will not do any surgery to put her under anesthesia. The goal of care is to keep her comfortable and to help her to enjoy her time. If she is available, we will not ask for the regular adoption fee but the money we paid for her (so far the pull fee from the Licking County Dog Shelter is $25.) After vet visit we estimate the final adoption fee will be $100-150.

If you are interested in adopting BamBam, please message us. Please keep in mind that you will fall in love with this little lady immediately. But you may lose her after 1-2 years. You will need to prepare yourself about this. It is heart breaking, I know. But you will give her wonderful time and love with you. BamBam is not house trained but she goes potty in a specific spot. You can have training pads or diapers for her. She can only eat soft food. We can definitely share the recipe of the homemade dog food with you. (it is good for human too.) Thanks.s